I have been creating various products from leather for more years than I can remember. What I do remember is my first exposure to leather working occurred when I was at a summer camp in Hunt Texas in 1960. I made my first pair of moccasins…and haven’t looked back since.

In the past the most expensive single item I made was a briefcase for a Shriner’s ritual material that I worked on for nearly a month and sold it for $3000. I have also created various leather bracelets some selling for as little as $5. To my credit I must say the care and attention to detail for the expensive items is the same I give to the inexpensive stuff. I guess you could say that is a curse. Oh well…I personally wouldn’t have it any other way.

I intend to write a blog about items I create, the steps I take to accomplish the tasks at hand and from time to time I will also poke fun at myself about some of the really stupid mistakes I have made. If you are interested in seeing some of what I currently have for sale and haven’t located my catalog in the sidebar, click here.

I try to post something everyday…a video, a tip, an oops or a new product release. If you need help with something you are trying to make or just have a question, send me an email and I will reply most likely on the same day


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