Teaching Leather Crafts

Several years ago I was asked by my daughter in Ohio if I would be interested in teaching a few kids from their church some basics about working with leather. Without hesitation I said yes….maybe.

How many kids will there be? How old will they be? Who will be available to help me? On and on and on. Bottom line…they were ages 6 through 8, 3 groups and about 30 kids to a group. Well I was committed so I agreed.

I must admit after worrying about getting ideas across to them, keeping them entertained and finding a way to get them involved, I was most impressed with their behavior and involvement. Some kids showed a real knack for assembling different projects I had prepared for them. Others not as much. But what they all were was well-behaved and attentive. A couple of them really shined.

One little girl was so good, I taught her an 8-string simulated braid, 3 loop spanish braid and some basic tooling techniques which she was only shown once and could then duplicate at will. Her mother noted to me after all was said and done, that her daughter continues to surprise her and her husband on a daily basis just how quickly she grasps concepts for a variety of tasks.

All of this leads me to this, Tandy Leather Factory will open up their doors to both girl and boy organizations for some basic leather classes. If you are involved in such a group, I would highly suggest you contact James Lockett at (281) 537-2952 for more information. And if you are an adult who has a curiosity about leather crafting, James will be having a class on July 16th.


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