3 Steps of 3 Loop Spanish Braid

The Spanish 3 loop edge braid is not only a beautiful finish to the edge of your leather project but it is also a perfect way to protect the edge from damage. This braid can be found as plate 118 in the Encyclopedia of Rawhide and Leather Braiding. The name of this braid describes what you will learn…make 3 loops, braid, make 3 loops, braid.

Think of it this way, each of the first 3 steps is going to create a loop over the edge of your leather. Then you will be passing the working end of your thong under the 3 loops, this leaves 2 loops over your leather with nothing under them. When you go through the next available slit or hole, you have now created 3 loops which you will then pass under. I will soon be releasing a video showing this procedure in depth so if you want to see it when it is released be sure and register for our email notifications.

The length of the thong for this braid is approximately 7 1/2 times the length of your project.

Step 1. Loop 1…Pass the working end through hole number 2 from front to rear. Hold the loose end over the edge of your leather between holes 1 and 2. You now have the first loop.

Step 2. Loop 2…Pass the working end from front to back of hole number 1. You now have loop number 2.

Step 3. Loop 3…Bring the working end over the edge of leather, go through hole number 3 from front to back. You have now made your 3 loops, thus the name of this braid.

Step 4. Pass the working end under the 3 loops, on top of your edge between the edge and the three loops above the gap between holes 1 and 2. You now are left with 2 loops over the edge of your leather.

Step 5. Bring the working end to the front, go through hole number 4 from front to back (you have now created the third loop) then between the edge and the three loops above the gap between holes 2 and 3.

Now continue braiding in this fashion by repeating step 5 until completed.

When you have gone through the last available slit/hole and under the three loops, go under the last two braids on the backside. Trim off the excess here and where the loose end is still exposed at the beginning.

Final step, lightly tap the edges so they lay down and relax.


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