After you have done all of your tooling, carving, dyeing and final coat prep, this step is absolutely critical when making one of these leather table centerpieces…Grooving.

It is absolutely critical that you place an adequate groove (about half of the thickness of your leather) on the backside of your piece so when the edges are bent to a 90 degree point they will bend true. But you ask how far from the edge do I make my groove. My answer is to make your groove the same distance that your edge line on the front side is. In my case I made it at 3/8 “. I then take my pliars and use them to bend the leather equally along the entire edge.

One last point…take your time when grooving. Because of the inconsistency of leather you will find your tool dragging at some points and going smoothly at others. You do not want your tool to slip or get off line and be sure to keep this tool sharp, sharp, sharp.


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