Stairstep Braiding

I have received a lot of comments about different forms of braiding I have used so here is the scoop about the one I am using on my centerpieces.

This one is best described as a stairstep braid which is beautiful and practical. I have used it to join two pieces of leather and at the same time it is pleasing to the eye. When you spend the time learning how to braid, you find it unnecessary to use metal brads or needle and thread, and your work will stand out. Properly done, the braid enhances your leather creation.

I am using the stairstep applique on the centerpieces because it is practical and just plains works. Holes of 1/8 inch are placed on 1/4 inch center line where the edge of the hole is at least 1/8 inch from the edge of the leather.

The thong is entered from the back up and through hole 1 then down hole 2. Leave the edge of the lace about two inches from completely going through hole 1. Now take the thong and pass it again up and through hole 1 then down through hole 3. Next pass the thong up and through hole 2 (this is where you must decide to work pass the lace either on the right side or left side). Next go down and through hole 4 then up and through hole 3. The process is now repeated until completion. When have finished pass your lace under the bottom final on the backside and trim. Don’t forget to trim your lace at the beginning.

I have included two photos to demonstrate how this easy braid can be used to beautify your work. In the picture below you will notice that the opposing braids are “in balance”. This is because on one side I consistently passed the lace on the left side and the other one was consistently passed on the right side.


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