Northwest Houston Leather Guild

We will hold another Northwest Leather Guild meeting at 10:00am on Saturday Oct 1 at the address below. We have no formal agenda, so bring your problems and your successes for open discussion. A couple of us arrive early and eat a breakfast and then begin the discussion at 10:00am.  We usually meet for about two hours.


Also, most of the current members are making ‘name plates’ to use at the meeting.  Hopefully we will have a couple of samples to show you and the hope is that you will build your own and bring to the meeting. Attached is one of the name plates made by Kirk….His is ‘over the top’, so don’t let his scare you off.  Mine is not nearly as good as his…However, the name plate does give you a real chance to show what you can do and the will serve a purpose at the meetings…..


I have some topics for you to think about.  (please bring your ideas to the meeting).


1) What do you think of a ‘coaster contest’…Its simple, we all create and bring a coaster to the next meeting and the group votes on which one is the best…..Maybe we even put a 5 dollar winner take all entry fee??????


2) What leather tooled products could be used to generate revenue?  We discussed this some at the prior meeting.  The consensus was that the product must be targeted at customers with significant disposable incomes (ie: the rich people).  I think that simple products that are customized (ie; have the people’s name or initials on the product, like a belt) have potential….Is it reasonable that someone will pay $200.00 for a belt as a gift?  Aren’t people looking for really unique custom gifts?  What are your ideas/experiences?


3) What is a leather Christmas card?  Does anyone have an example?

Belle’s Kitchen

3335 Fm 1960 W
Houston, TX 77068



Executive Leather Desktop Name Plate with Hand Painted Lettering

This style of executive leather desktop name plate will quickly become one of the more popular items I make. I used a western font on the front for the person’s name and this individual chose a bible verse to appear on the back from Colossians 3:23 which reads

Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men,

If you are interested in reading more about this item and how one like it could be yours or for someone special, read more.

Northwest Houston Leather Guild

There has been a change to this month’s Northwest Houston Leather Guild meeting.

The updated meeting will be Saturday October 1st beginning at 10:00 AM at Belles Kitchen located at 3335 Fm 1960 W, Houston, TX 77068 and if you need directions you can call 281-377-1244.

We do ask that you RSVP to Sam Lucas at

This week we will be discussing desktop name plates and resolving any issues with them and the floor will then be open for open discussions.



Northwest Houston Leather Guild

I am very happy to say that our kickoff meeting of the Northwest Houston Leather Guild was a resounding success. Once we introduced ourselves and our specialty, the meeting gravitated to some real importance.

Those of us that responded to Sam’s request to bring some of our work were rewarded with valuable constructive criticism. For me personally, it was as simple as overlooking the exposure of some flesh side of the leather. It won’t happen again.

Sam discussed how he is capable of accomplishing perfect lettering on his belts through the use of a simple yet very effective press.

Kirk Kuykendall was nice enough to bring some of his purses. This prompted numerous questions about his painting techniques which will help everyone who was there. We discussed pricing of our work, along with sources of supply for loose turquoise.

Mike Vandergriff brought a specialized holster he makes for competitive shooting. I have to tip my hat to Mike for his creativity and insightfullness. Mike brings many years of experience in this business and will quickly tell you if you are going off on wild goose chase. You may not thank him right then, but if you listen to him speak, you will benefit from his years of experience.

I also want to make note of the next Boot and Saddle Makers convention here in Texas. If you have never attended one, it is well worth the time. This meeting will be September 30 and October 1 in Wichita Falls Texas. If you are interested, read more.

If you would like to become part of our Leather Guild, regardless of your level experience, you are always welcome. Our next meeting will be the last Saturday of September (9/24/2011). You will need to RSVP to Sam Lucas at or you can RSVP me through the email page I have provided in this blog.

Home Is Wherever I’m With You

With millions of items listed on Etsy, when one of your items gets singled out…IT IS A REALLY BIG DEAL. For me I find this humbling and a real compliment to the hard work, research and effort I put into my work and their designs.

This type of recognition gives me the inspiration and adrenaline I need to keep working hard because now I know I will be rewarded. If you find yourself doubting your designs and whether or not its worth it, keep doing what you believe in and you too will find there are others who appreciate your artwork.

Executive Leather Desktop Name Plate with Braided Edges

I am releasing today yet another custom leather desktop name plate design that incorporates a beautiful edge braiding technique. This particular style will enhance any executive’s office and desk and bring inspiration to those still climbing the ladder. Place your order at etsy or Artfire.

Be sure and get your order in early as once all slots are spoken for, there will be no more available till after Christmas.

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